“Wartime Braemar”


“Historical Guide to Braemar and District”


“Jacobites and Upper Deeside”

The booklets, ‘Wartime Braemar’, ‘Historical Guide to Braemar and District’ and ‘Jacobites and Upper Deeside’ have been created by members of the Braemar Local History Group, the credits for which, can be found within all three publications. Prices, including postage, for UK and Overseas can be accessed below. Happy reading!

Wartime Braemar – UK

This illustrated 62-page booklet tells the stories. of each of the 31 men remembered on the Braemar War Memorial and the campaigns in which they died, It also recounts fascinating insights into the activities and support for the war effort in and around the village of Braemar.


Wartime Braemar – Overseas


Historical Guide to Braemar and District – UK

This illustrated 30-page booklet identifies 46-sites of historical interest in and around the Braemar area. Discover the village and surrounding area’s history with the aid of an integral location map and easy to read timeline.


Historical Guide to Braemar and District – Overseas


“Jacobites and Upper Deeside” – UK

A wonderful 88-page guide by local historian Maureen Kelly on the history and colourful characters of the Jacobites on Upper Deeside, their roles in the Jacobite rebellions and the aftermath of the conflicts in Braemar and district.


“Jacobites and Upper Deeside” – Overseas


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